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Police officer Yamazaki Sousuke

Police officer Yamazaki Sousuke




an illustrated guide to tokyo ghoul

failed step 1
step 1: reblog a two part post in the right order


HoriKashi in the official Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Fanbook

Original scans by 璎珞曼殊沙华

A full version of the first image can be found here!

i will fight my own ass in the desert 

Ishida Sui Tumblr


According to his recently updated Twitter profile he has a Tumblr here.

Because he updated to show this link I think it means he will start using it soon, but right now he only has a few test posts.

Everyone please be respectful and don’t send him any immature messages. He doesn’t seem to have the ask box on right now but he may eventually. Based off his Twitter he is a very nice and humble person who enjoys interacting with his Japanese and English speaking fans even though he doesn’t know much English. So please make Ishida’s time on Tumblr a positive experience!

hellaciraptor replied to your post “holybikinisbatman replied to your post “sharkrinsoup said: I BELIEVE…”

Are we talking about attending Columbia because I do that too

WHAT THE HECK YOU TOO!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE TWO OF MY FOLLOWERS GO TO COLUMBIA THI SI SLI HRUHF i wasn’t aware that i had such geniuses in my followers…. tbh guys if i make it next year hit me up like seriously mmm